Are Motivational Keynote Speakers the Best Keynote Speakers?

The goal of a motivational keynote speaker is to set the tone for the entire event. A speaker who motivates and provides valuable take-aways has an uplifting effect on attendees who then go out to form new relationships and network among their peers.

Some meetings have a theme with specific topics that are chosen to go along with that theme. Other event planners look for speakers who can address a specific topic or deliver a certain program that is relevant to their audience.

Typically, an amazing keynote speaker is hired to bring a fresh and exciting point of view or to address a specific topic in a different way thereby adding real value to an event.

To illustrate a point, the majority of successful events will have an inspirational and motivational component to them which are key to capturing and holding the audience’s attention.  For this reason, the role of a leading keynote speaker becomes a necessary tool for any event’s fundamental success.

What types of keynote speakers are there?
There are a number of ways to categorize keynote speakers. See below:

Motivational Keynote Speakers

This is the most common type of speaker whose services are engaged to be keynote speakers. The word “motivational” used in this context is a descriptive word and relates more to a speaker’s style. These speakers may be well known for their life achievements, for being the founder of a successful company or for somehow beating the odds. They could also be a New York Times best-selling author.

Writing a book and becoming a successful author is one reason someone turns to speaking. Although it is not the case that good authors make good speakers. Some speakers have also developed training programs or offer consulting services both of which become additional learning resources.

Technical or Technology Keynote Speakers

If your goal is to simply motivate attendees, choosing a technical or technology speaker may not be the best choice. However, if your goal is for the speaker to deliver a learning session that is technical in nature, this type of speaker would be a great choice.

A technical expert would deliver a talk as a specialist in his or her chosen field thereby adding valuable information and/or background to a specific aspect of an event.

Internal Speakers

Many corporate event organizers are obliged to utilize the services of a senior executive or the company CEO as the opening speaker at a company event. A company executive may not be the most dynamic speaker but they have a unique knowledge base that no one else shares.

It is certainly a nice idea to have a person from the highest echelons of the company to be the opening speaker at a company event. The content of their talk will inevitably serve the company or organization rather than setting the tone or emotional direction of the meeting.

Customizing or Tailoring

A corporate keynote speaker who offers to customize their talk to your specific needs is the ultimate. Such a speaker will spend many hours in preparation while gathering information on your company or organization and delivering a presentation in such a way that the audience thinks they are one of them. This speaker will likely illustrate their talk with highly relevant examples and stories to illustrate a point.

Celebrity Keynote Speakers

You can also engage celebrity or marque speakers – they would be sports stars, those with highly recognizable names, former Presidents or movie actors/actresses.  The main reason for booking a celebrity speaker is that they can be a “draw” motivating people to register and attend the event.


Hiring the right keynote speaker is essential to a successful event. Think of it as a business investment. With the right speaker, your audience will feel informed, inspired, motivated, and ready to take on new challenges.

In order to choose the best business keynote speaker, it is advisable to know the steps that go into booking their services and a way to do that is by working with and through an experienced agency like Keynote Resource.
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