5 Reasons to STOP Creating & Posting Video

Did you know: 72% of people preferring to learn about a company via video rather than text?

Did you Know: 93% of marketers say they’ve landed a new customer thanks to a video on social media.

Did you know: you need to stop creating video if….

While we all know how valuable video is in the world of travel and tourism to raise your brand awareness, capture the attention of potential clients and inspire visitors. For many people, creating video is at the forefront of their strategic plans and social wish lists.

Yet, if one of the following scenarios has your name all over it, you can stop reading this and quit creating video right now! If you’re still reading, be prepared for some sassy and hopefully sane video tips.

Your Groups are Full
Are you one of the lucky ones whose upcoming group tours are completely full? Is your waiting list a mile long? If so, no need to shoot video!

If you do need to fill more seats, video can help by attracting new eyeballs and aspiring travelers. Tune in for one key take away to grow your video viewership.

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/G7SZNbq1KXY

Stagnant Strategy
Is your video strategy from the era when video cameras were as big as a bread box? If so, you don’t need video now, you need a new video strategy.

Viewer interests and expectations change on a dime and keeping up with current trends in story telling, animation as well as cheeky humor are as important as the tech involved in video creation.

Here’s some tips to build your strategy for 2020.

Equipment Budget Eludes You
What happens when you start watching a video only to find the audio is garbled or the video is boring? You tune out, right?

Don’t even think about posting video unless you make a small investment in an external microphone for your phone or video camera. While you’re in the buying mode, how about adding a selfie stick or tri-pod to your shopping cart? These 2 items will take your video quality to the next level and inspire people to watch and enjoy for a longer time.

Even though, many people watch video on social sites without the audio, You Tube viewers, as well as keeners (your perfect audience), will turn up the volume. Don’t scare off your hot prospects with bad audio.

Tune in to the video above for a quick tip to grab your viewers attention right away.

Advertising Anguish
Why spend so much time writing, shooting and editing video only for it to be seen by only a few of your social fans? (Research shows that organic reach is dropping quickly.) Or shown to an ad audience who’s not interested? Don’t even waste your time or ad budget.

Once you’ve invested time in creating your strategy and video, invest a bit more time to create targeted ad audiences. Then test them to ensure you’re hitting the mark and really getting viewers excited by your video. Anguish over your audience as much as the video creation and you’ll find a winning combination.

You can create different ad audiences to attract unique demographics, interests and locations. Take a deeper dive and target people who have expressed an interest in your destination, enjoy a specific hobby (think bird watching, quilting, history), love a certain style of food or beverage (think Italian food, red wine, sushi) or have visited a specific page on your website. All this is possible with the powerful ad options available socially.

Once you have a powerful collection of ad audiences, go ahead and take advantage of the split test and dynamic ad options in your ad account. These tools will do the heavy lifting and show you which audience responds best to the following options; text, headlines, calls to action and visuals.

Then, the icing on the cake, is that you can check your ad relevance score to get a sense of how your ads resonate with your unique audience. This score is found in your Ads Manager/Business Manager account.

The bottom line is this; if you’re not making the most of the video tools available, don’t waste your time and talent.

The upshot of spending the extra time to get the tech and advertising right is that you’ll be on your way to filling your tours, selling out your events and maximizing your visitor numbers.

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