77% of Connected Car Owners Trust Automakers with their Data

Owners of connected cars will share personal data if they receive certain service offerings such as traffic updates, safety alerts and maintenance warnings.

However, the majority (64%) want to be told precisely what data is being collected, how it’s used and who is using it, according to a new study.

Current trust in automakers is high, with 77% of connected car owners saying they are confident that car manufactures would properly secure their data along with 71% of new car buyers. Fewer than half of consumers would trust their car data with social media sites.

The study comprised a survey of 1,070 U.S. adults, with 514 of them being connected car owners and 794 planning to purchase a new car in the next year. The survey was conducted by Edison Research for Otonomo.

Connected car owners seem quite OK with sharing data in trade for various features. Here’s how many connected car owners would allow their car’s data to be shared in order to get each feature:

  • 81% — Car alerting you of dangerous driving conditions ahead
  • 81% — Early detection of necessary maintenance and repairs with detailed information
  • 80% — Faster response times from emergency responders in event of an accident
  • 79% — Improvement of quality and safety of roads, based on feedback from your car
  • 78% — Your car knowing the traffic and suggesting a certain route

Of course, the type of information being shared is not highly personal, although it can provide behavioral activity,] such as driving habits, speeds, locations and the like.

The study also looked at features not yet available in cars and found interest in some to be higher than others.

The highest new feature interests are having the car alert a person of dangerous conditions ahead, faster response times for accidents and early detection for maintenance. The features with the least interest were discounted insurance rates based on driving data, suggestion for nearby parking available and improved roads based on feedback from the car.

At the moment, consumers have a high degree of trust that carmakers will properly extract and use their car data. It will take only one to mess this up.

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