About Private Space Flight

We have almost lost in terms of human exploration the previous 40 years doing almost nothing to let the human race conquer space. For example what happened to the reach for the Moon Its like if after Colon arrive at America nobody went there again in 35 years, but even that, 500 years ago, and with nearly no “technology” it doesn’t happen. People keep going to the unknown because they want to explore.

How can be proud to say that only 12 people walked on the Moon and less than 450 reached orbit in more than 40 years?

But something is changing with the born of the Private Space Flight Industry which form my point of view officially started the previous year when the SpaceShipOne from Burt Rutan done its first flight to 100 km or 60 Miles.

It means that with a “little” amount of money, with a genius designer, with a huge effort and a lot of vision its possible. I personally have never doubt about it.

It’s a risky business, but with a lot of concern about security it will be even safer than conventional flight

What we would expect to see in the next years is the born of a new industry, the born of a new dream to the new generations.

The first flights in the next two years will make new private astronauts and will let them admire the earth from above, but it will not stop there it will continue to reach higher orbits, to reach the Moon and other Planets in the years to come, to keep the reality factor we can’t forget that we are now reaching suborbital flights but achieving orbital flights will require more advanced technology to get enough thrust and for supporting the reentry.

We couldn’t waste the time and money like we have been doing the previous 40 years in human space flight , the dream is now alive again but it isn’t an easy travel. We need to keep innovating every day.

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