Be Armed For ‘Anti-Imagination’

“Hollywood is not just unimaginative. It’s anti-imaginative.”

I heard the above from actor Jessica Chastain, who was discussing how Hollywood studios frequently fail to be creative — and how the studios are often actually anti-imagination because true creativity involves taking risks and doing things differently.

That’s why you see sequel after sequel after sequel in Hollywood films — and why most movies stick to the same old formulas and plots. The studio executives are often unimaginative and, as Chastain says, sometimes even anti-imaginative.

Not just Hollywood has this problem.
The same can be said about many companies and executives, bosses and managers, co-workers and team members, even friends and family members.

Not only do these folks not exhibit imagination, they are often against others being imaginative. Because creativity comes with risks and changes. Accepting new ideas means letting go of old ideas, and this can be a queasy proposition for many people.

Be ready for anti-imagination pushback.
Remember this the next time you encounter resistance on your creative suggestions and bold ideas. Be prepared to present the positives of your idea. Be ready to reassure regarding any associated risks. Be present to answer questions and explain each step you’ll take to bring the idea to reality, smoothly and professionally.

And, most of all, be persistent. The most successful creative people are not those who have ideas, but rather those who stick with their ideas.

“Get a good idea and stay with it,” said Walt Disney. “Dog it and work it until it’s done right.”

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