Can A Motivational Speaker Improve Teamwork in the Workplace

No doubt you are an excellent manager. You want what’s best for your employees and for the company as a whole. You are doing your best to improve teamwork in the workplace, but your employees just aren’t responding.

Maybe they are fighting amongst themselves, gossip is running rampant, or there is just an air of unhealthy competition and you don’t know how to fix it. You’ve tried everything from outlining a larger vision for employees to work towards  to creating opportunities for team members to socialize outside of work, but still nothing.

Just like a rock band, a department or team can’t function when they can’t get along. And sometimes, it takes an outside perspective and another pair of eyes to identify the issues running underneath the surface and bring your employees to the rock star levels you know they’re capable of.

In this case, a motivational speaker and consultant can be the difference between a happy, healthy working environment, and an office ripe with strife. Here’s how a motivational speaker can inspire your team to create rock star results.

The Benefits of a Motivational Speaker
Inspired employees are successful employees and no one can deliver a dose of inspiration like a motivational speaker. They can:

Provide an outside point of view
Have you ever been looking for something that’s right in front of you, but not seeing it at all? Sometimes, when we are too close to a problem, we’re unable to see obvious solutions that may be presenting themselves. Having a speaker and consultant work with your group can identify options you wouldn’t see by yourself.

Lead teamwork exercises
Sometimes employees need to learn to work as a team on projects unrelated to work. A motivational speaker will create activities to get your employees jamming as one. For example, Marvelless Mark often incorporates a Battle of the Bands into his presentations. Employees work as a “band” to write, compose, market, and perform their rock masterpiece. When a group builds rapport outside of work duties, they can translate those skills and relationships into their jobs.

Manage resistance among employees
Human beings, whether they be front line employees or the CEO of the company, have difficulty accepting change. When you are introducing a new culture or protocol into your department, you’re likely to be met with whispers of disapproval and outright arguments from the team. A motivational speaker can help team members understand the changes and how they will ultimately benefit not just the company, but them as well.

Inspire through the power of story
Motivational speakers have worked with numerous companies facing the same challenges as yours. They can take the success (and failure) stories from those situations and use them to teach and inspire your team. Employees will be emotionally moved by the stories and will continue to be affected by them well after the speaker leaves.

Encourage honesty
Sometimes, no matter how much you encourage open communication and assure your employees that their feedback won’t have ramifications, they still aren’t willing to open up. A motivational speaker will reach out to a few key employees to fully understand the team dynamic and can bring issues to light that you never knew existed.

A motivational speaker can be a breath of fresh air for your department and your company. They can help you establish a culture of teamwork and build rapport among your employees. Hire a motivational speaker and create rock star results!

“Believe in others. Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. If you don’t, who will?” – Jon Bon Jovi

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