Evergreen Versus Campaign Based Content For Social Engagement

Do you know how to maximize Evergreen Versus Campaign Based Content For Social Engagement.  The news articles you get from listening to trends provide time sensitive content.  Sometimes, it may only be relevant for a few hours.  A truck accidentally spills tons of chocolate on the highway (Google It).  Evergreen content is Search Engine Optimized content that remains relevant over a long period time.  If you are a travel agency that specializes in trips to France, an article about the wonders of the Eiffel Tower will conceivably stay fresh for new prospects as long as you are in business.  When you create, purchase or aggregate Evergreen Content you are looking for content that does not have a sell-by date.  Here are some areas that are popular:

  • Tips
  • Informational and Educational Articles
  • Product Reviews
  • Instructional Videos

Evergreen content helps your SEO both in social channels and on your web site.  One way to do this is to create a library of Evergreen content related to your products and services and put it all onto your web site.   This pushes your web site up in listings with organic search results.  Then, you can also begin to repurpose the library on other channels, blogs and social sites.  It adds consistency to your editorial calendar.  Gillette is one of many brands under the Procter and Gamble umbrella. Not surprisingly they have built an entire library of content related to Shaving Tips.  These range from short videos to articles with images.  It is well organized; there is a table of contents; articles include links to related topics; it has embedded promotions for products; and offers easy links for sharing via social channels and e-mail.  A Recommend This link creates a rating system for other viewers. Some tips for the evergreen process include:


  1. For better SEO include headers that relate to your services.
  2. Include keywords relevant to the subject and your audience.
  3. Make sure all still images have the ALT TEXT tags added.
  4. If you are creating individual web pages and your system creates .html pages add plain English URL for search optimization…. i.e. www.yourcompany.com/HealthyHair.html
  5. If your evergreen content is added to a blog, ensure that you have a good index and link your posts to each other, which helps with navigation.
  6. Make sure your Evergreen content has embedded share buttons for the major social networks as well as an e-mail share because frequently people will want to share an article of interest with just one or two friends.

Evergreen content should not be considered a “get it done” digital marketing project.  Like all of your content management, the process for evergreen is ongoing.  You continually build your library.  You repurpose it appropriately.  And, you listen and monitor the usage of this content.  That informs your decisions about creating new evergreen content to continue the process of prospect and customer engagement.

If you understand the value and the usage of evergreen content, it can help you with your campaigns which have a more focused time frame. Campaign based content is designed and executed with time oriented goals.  You develop a campaign to launch a new product; or to announce a time sensitive promotional campaign.  You may have seasonal campaigns; or press releases.  If you are clever, you will look at your evergreen content, your stock content and trending topics and connect them all into your current campaigns.  This can be done with a conversation map where you lay out your campaigns and connect them to your existing content and channels.

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