Four Powerful Questions

It’s often said that the most successful people focus more on the questions they ask than the statements they make. Asking the right questions can unlock volumes of knowledge, wisdom, and insight. Yet we’re often so busy telling, that we miss out on the power of asking. While this applies to communication with other people, I’m referring to the internal conversation we have with ourselves.

So often, that internal dialog is sabotaging. If you speak to friends the same way you speak to yourself, you’d quickly end up with a long list of enemies. “I’m not smart enough,” “I can’t do it,” “That was a stupid thing I just said,” “I’m a phony,” “I’ll probably get fired,” “He/she is going to dump me.”

Your inner pit bull ends up wreaking havoc and holding you back from reaching your true potential. It’s a terrible injustice when you spend your reflective moments filled with fear and doubt. Instead of acting as a loving coach to ourselves, we often end up being an angry, mud-slinging jerk. A warden who ensures we stay imprisoned – demanding mediocrity. We become our own biggest detractors.

Rather than employing a bunch of new age, self-help babble, try asking yourself these four powerful questions to liberate your soul and set your ideal course.

1. If there were zero chance of failure, what would you do?
2. What are the three habits you need to change to take your game to the next level?
3. Who are the people in your life you need to spend more time with? Less time with?
4. Is the game plan you are currently running the most direct path to your destiny?

Telling yourself empty compliments lacks authenticity and impact; it has the same effect of someone complimenting you on your outfit that you know is a fashion disaster. Real confidence and empowerment comes from knowing you are on the right path, and having the discipline to stay focused even when it isn’t convenient.

By asking yourself these questions in an honest, introspective manner, the game plan you need to pursue will become as clear as the latest 3D, HD, LED, 1080p TV. Then it becomes a choice: to follow your life’s work or to cave to your detractors. And I’m talking about both external naysayers and the likely biggest critic in your life – you.

When you’re on the right path, the negative self-talk evaporates and gives way to confidence and power.

You don’t need a shrink, life-coach, boss, talk show host, politician, parent, or infomercial spokesperson to tell you how to live your life. When you go deep on these questions, you’ll find the answers you need to put a plan in motion and seize your purpose.

Send the critic out for a long walk, ask the right questions, and get busy with manifesting your true potential. Everyone else’s is already taken.

©  Copyright Josh Linkner  All Rights Reserved.


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