From Yellow to Red: The Kodak Story

Kodak was once the most iconic company in the world, creating the only product you would run into a burning building to save: their “Kodak Moments”. Jeffrey Hayzlett tells the story of how this big yellow box icon moved from having the greatest profit margins of any product on the market to sliding into the red of bankruptcy. Learn how to summon the vision and courage to drive change and sustain your company’s newfound momentum to harness strategic, lasting success.

Future Trends of Marketing:
What are CMOs and senior marketers going to experience and how can they be prepared for it? Helping CMOs answer the questions from their CEOs – they’re ready. What questions do you have for my answers.

Social Media – The 4 Es:
Learn the social media rules that will build your community, from engaging, exciting, educating and evangelizing.

Achieving Great Expectations:
How to match your selling style to that of the buyer using personalities and key behaviors. Recognize the styles to meet a greater close ratio. What are  the types of closes you would use for those styles.


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