Get Curious Today

Think about each of these for a minute:

– The most creative vacation you’ve taken.
– The most creative party you’ve planned.
– The most creative gift you’ve given.
– The most creative meal you’ve prepared.
– The most creative ideas you’ve had.

I’ll bet curiosity played a major role in those achievements.

Curiosity about places to go and things to see when planning that creative vacation. Curiosity about what guests would enjoy when planning that creative party.

Curiosity about what would really delight the recipient when planning to buy or make that creative gift. Curiosity about foods and recipes when planning that creative meal.

We get curious, we get inspired.

We get curious, we get engaged.

We get curious, we get insights.

We get curious, we get energized.

We get curious, we get creative.

We get curious, we get ideas.

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” Albert Einstein

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