How’s Your Quality of Life?

Feeling stressed? It’s become the norm for most people these days. Whether you’re a student, run a business or are a stay at home parent it seems we are inundated with “to-do” lists and “need this today” undertakings. Our world has become one of round the clock stress. A bit of stress is actually good for you. As you prepare to walk across a busy street your senses heighten, heart rate and blood pressure elevate slightly to provide blood to working muscles, your vision heightens to observe approaching traffic and your hearing becomes more acute. You make it across the street with a “whew” and continue on your day. But what is occurring these days is more traffic, phone calls, emails, demands on our time and energy. The stress compounded from the time we wake up until when we go to sleep can actually take a heavy toll on our life.

One of the negative effects of stress is cortisol. Cortisol has been found to cause chronic fatigue, depression, hypertension and migraines to name a few. To combat this, I suggest following a quality of life plan.

My personal quality of life plan centers around three concepts: Self-Care, Professional Care and a positive Support system.

Self-Care: Self-Care includes activities you do on a regular basis to make sure you are functioning at your best – emotionally, physically, and mentally. Yoga, painting, walks, meeting friends all reduce stress. This also includes taking time for that vacation you deserve!

Professional Care: Professionals assist with balancing your life, including mental health or addictions counselor, life coach, exercise instructor, physician, teacher, mentor, etc.

Support: Support comes from the circle of people around you including family, friends, co-workers, faith-based groups, clubs, support groups, etc. Many of us think we can handle everything on our own. I can tell you from experience this is not the way to go. Having people to vent to, bounce ideas off of, tell stories to and laugh with greatly reduces stress.

Take a look at your life, self-assess. Are you where you want to be at this point in time? If not, what’s holding you back? Can you squeeze in a workout, read a book, make time to socialize? You’ll be surprised when you break down your day where you can add components that will greatly enrich your life.

That’s all for now my friends.

My very best to you all,

Copyright Kevin R. Briggs, Speaker-Author-Veteran
Author: Guardian of the Golden Gate, Protecting the Line Between Hope and Despair


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