Sales Motivation

It tends to happen this time every year – a lack of sales motivation. For many of us, summer seems to be winding down because their kids, like ours in Tennessee are starting school NEXT week. Yikes that came quickly. For others whose kids go back in September you are saying what? Your kids go back in early August!

I don’t know about you but my business tends to run in cycles. The cycle of doing many events and the cycle of when the bookings for that new business comes in. That gap can be difficult to deal with even for me. Sometimes the gap is impacted by the “summer swoon” of people being on vacation and seemingly deferring decisions until “later”. Sometimes it can be the circumstances of the economy like 9-11 or the GFC (Global Financial Crises) of 2008.

Here are 4 strategies you can use now when you have that GAP of new business coming in and you need momentum.

  1. Spend time on you so you can be at your best! Get to bed a little earlier and read something inspiring before you shut it down. Get off your phone! Drink 12 oz. of water right when you week up. Get that morning workout in to start the day with energy. Use interval training to get your heart rate up and pumping. Get a fresh green based juice or make my Get Switched On Smoothie. Exercise and the right fuel will help switch you on for the day!
  2. Reach out to your Raving Fans in an added value way. Put together a short, compelling “special report” they would be interested in reading. Another simple option is to put it in a video. Use your expertise to make a difference. Call or email them and get them excited to get the information. Ask permission to send it and then follow up!
  3. Call your Raving Fans on the 3 month, 6 month, 9 month or one year anniversary of doing business with you and say thanks. I appreciate you! Ask how you can help them again? What problems can you help solve? Do they need to reorder? If you have a more transactional business model you should call them within 48 hours of the sale! It will blow many people away and help lock in a repeat customer.
  4. Proactively improve your strategy to solicit, reward and convert referrals. Are you consistently asking? When you get a referral what do you? When that referral turns into new business what do you do? Is it amazing? Is is personalized? Does it get a “WOW” from them? It should vary if the referral brought in X new $ or XYZ new $!

My final word is FAITH! You must realize that cycles are normal, you have faced them in the past and made it happen. You will do it again. You’ve got this! Faith is essential and can be comforting, but faith alone is not enough. In the book of James in the New Testament there is a famous quote you may know concerning faith. In James 2:17 – it says,  “Faith by itself, it it does not have works, is dead.” You need to take action and apply the right strategies to rise above your challenges.

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