Successfully Managing Remote Talent Teams Effective Communication and Accountability Systems

TALENT TEAM BUILDING remotely can be daunting and ineffective if not done with a solid plan and execution strategy. In this timely webinar you will learn how to manage, motivate and sustain your remote talent team effectively. Discover how to tackle challenges head on and make necessary adjustments to yield the best results.

Remote Talent Team Management
How to keep the team on course when working remotely
Effective meeting management on Zoom calls
Setting new team standards and expectations
Communicating with clarity and empathy
Reprioritization of team tasks
Self-management tools for your remote team to gain greater independence and confidence

Remote Talent Team Motivation
Essential praise phrases to reward positive individual and team productivity
Remember: Behavior rewarded gets repeated
Understand what motivates/demotivates team members when working remotely
Team building and maintenance routines and systems
How to “Keep Calm and Carry On!”

Remote Talent Team Dynamics
Revisit the core definition of a team
Learn the six steps to building a strong remote team
Emphasize the four C’s of effective teamwork: Commitment, Cooperation, Communication and Contribution
Understand and share the 14 Productive group roles
Communications within the team – Who to go to for what?
Discovering the true strengths and weaknesses of each team member during this unprecedented time
How to capitalize on the unique talents of each team member: Summary, action plan and assignment

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