Talent Performance Management Conversations Made Easy!

Difficult Conversation Avoidance has an adverse impact on talent performance. This virtual seminar is specifically designed to help and empower participants on how to deal with difficult interpersonal situations better and sooner resulting in improved performance. It provides specific “how to” information that can immediately be applied to ease tension and have a better understanding of how to resolve issues and positively influence morale and behavior in your work environment.

I. Efficient and Effective Ways to Manage Talent Performance with Better Feedback and Better Outcomes

  1. Reframe the feedback conversation to advance work performance
  2. Why we procrastinate giving corrective feedback and the ramifications
  3. Craft and deliver feedback messages that motivate, excite, and inspire
  4. The importance of open communication
  5. Understand the role you play and the approach you take
  6. How to detect and defuse a tense situation
  7. The role of perception
  8. Behavior modification techniques and strategies regarding constructive feedback
  9. Understand the underlying issues involved

II. The Essential Communication

  1. How to send and receive the right messages at the right time
  2. Clarify the communication
  3. Understand clashes in communication
  4. Learn and practice ‘Velvet Hammer’ words to use to harmonize interactions
  5. How to avoid taking things personally and putting off feedback meetings
  6. . Achieving positive outcomes and follow-up commitment

III. The Resolution Stage

  1. Determine the difference in perceptions
  2. Understand why we avoid dealing with critical conversations
  3. How to be a solution-seeker and problem solver
  4. How to uncover and deal with underlying issues
  5. Learn prevention strategies – Sooner is better
  6. How to stop issues from intensifying
  7. Create a strategy to better deal with critical conversations and have talent leave happy!
  8. Action Plan and Follow-through

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