The Courage to Recalculate

Change is ever present in today’s business environment. By the time we approve a project and see it through, its relevance may be questioned. More than at any other time, having the courage to “recalculate” or course correct on a daily basis is key to employee engagement and morale.

Here are The GPS Girl’s Top Five Directions for Recalculating in Business.

1. Notice You Are Off Route
When we are leading an organization, in an ideal world we want to follow through on the decisions we make. Changes are happening at record speed in the marketplace. Becoming aware the plan we made no longer serves the company is the first step to Recalculating. Simply noticing we are off route gives us the power to make new decisions.

2. Be Willing To Change Direction
Perhaps the most challenging aspect of Recalculating is being willing to make a change. It takes courage to Recalculate. It may seem like the easier option to continue toward a destination that no longer makes sense simply because the team is already headed in that direction. When you know this is not serving the best of your people, listen to your Inner GPS and Recalculate.

3. Clarify Your Destination
Once there is a willingness to recalculate, look toward the desired destination. Re-presence yourself and your team to the outcome you are working toward, and zoom out to the satellite view. When things don’t go as planned checking in with where we want to be headed is like reading the signposts. Then you will be ready to…

4. Embrace the Steering Wheel
Giving ourselves and our teams permission to embrace that new decision empowers and inspires energized action. Once management has made it clear the new direction is serving the needs of the organization, your people can move forward confidently, building momentum. Embracing the steering wheel is about gearing up to go for it.

5. Accelerate
The true power of Recalculating is action. When we can let go of what did or did not work and continue to take steps in the direction of our ultimate outcome we increase productivity. Encouraging a recalculating culture leads to a solution oriented culture.

Recalculating drives performance.

This simple five-step process can be applied to any situation where we are faced with roadblocks, whether it be in business or in life. When we are frustrated, upset or ‘just don’t feel like it’, this is an indication it is time to Recalculate. Being able to check in with ourselves, and the direction we are headed on a daily basis helps us stay even emotionally and helps us to keep moving forward to our destination.

Schedule time in your calendar daily to apply the 5 directions for Recalculating and watch your productivity soar.

© 2018  Karen Jacobsen   All rights reserved.


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