The GPS Girl’s Directions for Performance Success

Being able to give our best in our business really takes something. The expectations and pressures on the entrepreneur are vast. We are doing it all and bombarded with information from all sides.

How do we get it all done?

What do we do to stay focused on our destination?

When we are feeling truly overwhelmed where do we put our attention?

We are human beings so we are going to complicate things even when we are aware we are doing it. I’m always looking at how I can make my business and my life more streamlined, more efficient and above all, simple.

Here are five of The GPS Girl’s 44 Directions for Performance Success. These are to be worked toward over a 12 to 24 month period to support you delivering your very best performance level in your business.

1. I can describe the outcomes for my clients in one sentence.

Nobody cares what you do. They do however care deeply about what working with you or your business will provide for them and their company. This is something we are always working on. Even when we identify the key outcomes we provide for our customers and clients, this is something we will continue to fine tune over time. Keep digging deeper with a focus on outcomes and your business will soar.

2. I am using professional photographs taken in the past 12 months.

I don’t think I know anyone who loves having their newest professional photographs taken.  It can be confronting and uncomfortable facing that fear and getting to the other side of it has many benefits.  Whether you have a public persona or you are the face of your company, having current good quality professional photographs says a lot about your opinion of yourself. Take a look at the photographs on LinkedIn. You can see the difference between a basic social media snapshot and great photographs.  You will walk taller when you have a picture that represents the very best version of you.

3. I use quickbooks (or an equivalent), my accounting is up to date and taxes are paid.

“But I’m not making much money yet.” Not a good excuse. Start as you’d like to continue, and be absolutely certain you know where every penny in your business is going. Being impeccable with finances even when the numbers aren’t what you would like them to be takes away the uncertainly. This provides a confidence money can’t buy. You might have all of your financial systems humming along already, but if not, make it an absolute priority to put these in place over the next 12 months.

4. My business cards are on excellent quality stock.

This says you mean business. I know dollars can be tight in the pursuit of business success but every time you hand over a business card you are demonstrating the worth of your business and your opinion of yourself.  It might be better to have no business cards than to have thin, wimpy cards and apologizing for them – which is inevitably what happens when we aren’t proud of our materials and we know they are supposed to be of higher quality.

5. I let go of disappointments quickly.

When something doesn’t go as planned we can become frustrated, upset and disappointed. We can become stuck in that energy for hours, days or months. Sometimes we will write off an entire year wondering what might have been.  Are you able to “recalculate” and keep moving ahead in a reasonable amount of time?  There is no straight line to entrepreneurial success. If you are able to build the ability to let go of disappointments, to move through that energy and keep moving toward your goals you will save yourself suffering and be able to continue your momentum. This direction for business success might just be the most valuable quality to develop as you continue toward entrepreneurial victory.

© 2018   Karen Jacobsen   All rights reserved.


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