When Do You Know You Will Be Successful?

When do you know you will be successful? It really depends on how you are wired internally. Some will need to do something many times before they feel they competent. Others will get that feeling much quicker – in a moment.

Remember when you got promoted to a new position or took on a new challenge in the past? Typically there is some fear or doubt for a while as you struggled to find your way. You can question your ability to succeed. Doubt breeds fear and poor performance.

Then one day something special happens. It could have been a difficult sale you finalized or a project you completed and your boss gave you special praise. It could have been you see your success in advance so clearly you know it will happen. One moment can change everything!

Learning to ride a bike is a perfect example. Balance bikes today have made training wheels really obsolete. When the kid transitions to the real bike with pedals there is a magical moment when they simply pedal away with perfect balance. It does happen in a moment when they smile and tell themselves, “I got this!” Did they learn to ride the bike over the past few months or in that moment? I believe that competence happens in a moment.

I had a memorable event last week as the closing speaker for the 25th World Conference for Pure Romance. When they hired Pitbull and country superstar Jake Owen for the party the night before I knew it would be special. It was 3,800 women from all over the world and I was on a BIG stage that was set up for the bands.

It my pre-event interviews I spoke to some amazing women. Nikki Hughes started as a divorced single mom of two living paycheck to paycheck and now is a married mom of 4 leading a multi-million dollar team. She had a compelling vision from the beginning. When she started her business with Pure Romance she always pictured it so much larger than what most people ever thought it would be. Here is part of her story. She still works “on the line” helping to build cars at Ford.

“One day when I was at Ford Motor Company in the lunch room I was asked by one of the guys that I work what my plans were for the weekend? I told him that I would be going to our conference in Cincinnati with my team. He quickly laughed it off and asked me WHAT TEAM? You just started with that company!

I then said I know, but we are headed to Cincinnati and I cannot wait! He (being a NAY-SAYER) said yeah right, I mean how many people do you have on your team? Feeling a little uneasy on how he was trying to tease me and my dreams of this new business I just started, I had to think of a quick comeback and my response was HUNDREDS! I said it with the biggest smile. He looked at me in total disbelief and then I finished the conversation by saying. That’s right, HUNDREDS.  THEY JUST DON’T KNOW IT YET!

Now fast forward 8.5yrs later I can proudly say that I have over 375 women that represent The Bliss Beauties team and I couldn’t be more PROUD. Whenever I tell story to consultants it always gets a giggle and a smile. I always think back to that day every time someone doubts my dreams.”

Nikki saw her future success and #hundreds became her mantra! Her feeling of pertaining about it happening drove her success. What moments do you look back on when you need inspiration? Maybe you starting a new undertaking and you have not had that moment yet. Be patient. Have faith.  Maybe that moment is right around the corner.

©  Chip Eichelberger   All rights reserved.


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