You can tell a person by their covers

Yesterday I was on a video conference with one of my favorite people, Jeremy Waite. As we were discussing big ideas and small words, we each started pulling books off our shelves to share with one another. This afternoon, I was pondering. Now that’s a word you don’t hear often. And in doing so, I glanced at my book shelf.

Each of my books hold a particular meaning to me. Some I’ve had for many years. Some are autographed by the author. But each one has helped shaped who I am, how I think, and how I serve others. As I was reading the titles, I saw a story emerge. So I challenged myself to list my top 40 book titles (that I currently own and have read) and then work them into a couple of paragraphs that describe who I am and what I do. Here’s the result (with links to books):

I might best describe myself as a conversational optimist. I believe in the creativity of individuals and the collective genius of teams. During my career of working with executives around the world, I’ve learned that graphic storytelling and visual narratives are the linchpin to selling the dream. Some of my brightest moments and weird ideas that worked have come from a spark ignited during a casual conversation on the back of a napkin. I’ve learned the rules for revolutionaries are different and when one is clearing the mind for creativity, you sometimes have to ignore everybody. When I’ve been willing to unthink what I know and develop a whole new mind about a specific problem or opportunity, I put myself in the element I need for making ideas happen. I’ve been honored to speak around the world to organizations and leaders who are trying to find where good ideas come from and with each engagement I am reminded of the desperate need for our businesses to switch from a culture of education to one of enchantment.

My dad told me, “If you know how to do something, you’ll always have a job. You’ll be working for the person who knows why.” As a leader, I believe it’s important to find your why. Believe me, the one thing we cannot afford in this age of cognitive surplus is to drive ourselves and others toward mediocrity. I enjoy helping companies and organizations take a reality check and discover how to drive your competition crazy. I accomplish this by helping individuals and teams rework the way they present their message so they resonate. We work on putting stories to work, achieve presentation zen and repeat the remarkable.

I help business professionals do the deep work that generates out of our mind innovative ideas that are made to stick. To sell is human, but our goal should not be to get people to buy, but rather get them to believe. If they believe, they will buy (or follow you), but the converse is not often true. By demonstrating why leaders eat last and how to start with why, I’m able to help creative individuals learn how to orbit the giant hairball of stagnant complacency. Let me know how I can be of service to you.

What does your bookshelf say about you?

© 2022 Louis Richardson


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