Your Competitive Edge For Professional Growth

It is essential that you have something that makes you stand out, something that gives you a competitive edge. Developing the mental competitive edge to have professional growth in what can be a highly aggressive world is what sets executives apart.

The question is; how do you get that edge?

Success in the form of wealth mastery and for that matter, any form of life mastery come as a result of discovering your resources. Therefore to get that competitive edge, you must first look at what are the resources that are available to you.

There are the obvious resources like; money, time and people. However there are the less obvious ones, and if you are not tapping into them you can pretty much kiss your dreams goodbye.

In order to have professional growth, it is imperative that you develop yourself beyond what you have believed you were capable of. The bottom line is this: the level of development you have so far, has got you to where you are today.
“Growth by its very nature demands that we extend beyond where we are, or what we know.” ~ Dõv Baron

To go beyond where you are in the present you will have to become more than you have been. Becoming affluent, (meaning to be in the flow) is a result of getting out of your own way. For many people, this seems like a quantum leap in consciousness. However, you can be certain that the transformation of yourself will result in the transformation of every other area of your life including your finances.

Obviously, there are a plethora of personal development programs out there that you could sign up for and sink your money into. I suggest that you start at the level of self-awareness. Simply by developing the awareness of paying attention to the thoughts that most commonly float around in your mind, you will begin to develop a level of mind power previously unknown to you.

By observing the repetitive thoughts something miraculous happens, instead of all the old internal messages going through your mental system uninterrupted, you get the opportunity to interrupt and ultimately derail thoughts and beliefs that have been a hidden process of self-sabotage.

Research shows that we think approximately sixty-five thousand thoughts a day. More than eighty percent of those thoughts are negative and recycled, (the same stuff you been thinking about for years and years). Realize this; wherever you have gotten to in your life, you have been able to get there even with all that crazy-making, self-sabotaging thought processes have been in the way.

Now, just for a moment, let yourself imagine how much of a competitive edge you would have over all the others who never even knew they could examine their recycled thoughts?

Your greatest resource comes from managing your mind to create a higher level of professional growth. Because; the level of your success will never exceed the level of your development.

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