Awesome Keynote Speakers always get Standing Ovations

Dan Thurmon is one of the top keynote speakers on the platform today. When Dan was booked to be the opening keynote speaker and closing keynote speaker at a technology user conference in Las Vegas, the meeting planner who booked Dan said,

“Dan brought the audience to their feet and this is the first time in the history of our event, a speaker has received a rousing standing ovation!”

In every sense of the word, motivational keynote speaker Dan Thurmon is dynamic and easy to work with. Not only does he take time to get to know the company he will be speaking for, and the audience that will be in attendance, he weaves the information gathered into his presentation. On top of this, Dan is a master juggler, talented performer and commands a powerful presence on the platform.

Our client was thrilled when Dan attended both a reception and dinner during the course of their conference where he met and interacted with a number of staff members and conference attendees.

Dan Thurmon, is not only a professional keynote speaker and an excellent listener, he is focused on the task at hand and applies his skills and experience in an effective manner. Dan is also a team player who becomes part of every event he speaks at and ultimately the star attraction.

Through a carefully thought-out process and always being focused on the task at hand, Dan knows what it takes to get an audience on their feet – trust, belief, influence and inspiration.

As a professional keynote speaker, if you dedicate yourself to this process, you will be guaranteed of a standing ovation, every time!
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