Finding Motivational Keynote Speakers for Business Events

Have you ever considered working with a business speakers bureau or talent agency to ease the amount of work required to find suitable speakers for your meeting or event?  If the answer is no, here is some information to help you with future event planning.

The sole purpose of a business speaker’s bureau is to assist in finding the best sales keynote speakers, the best celebrity keynote speakers and more.

Finding reliable people to speak on behalf of your company or association is a big job. You must find qualified people, then view them in action, interview them, negotiate pricing, and book them for your event. This cuts into the rest of your planning time, not to mention the time it takes to select and book the speakers. An experienced talent agent can take over most of this work and allow you to use your time more wisely and sparingly for other planning tasks.

How Bureaus Find the Keynote Speakers they Represent

A speakers’ bureau or talent agency can be your research partner for a big event thereby saving you hours of time and effort. An experienced talent agent has the ability to find speakers or entertainers who match in personality, entertainment value and content knowledge. Their main goal is to present the most fitting business keynote speakers within the budget range you have provided.

Many bureaus have a large speaker roster which includes a variety of speakers covering a vast array of topics. An established speakers’ bureau only represents speakers who have gone through a pre-qualification process and been carefully vetted for their knowledge, expertise and professionalism.

Provide your bureau partner with the specific objectives you wish to achieve. Give them as much relevant information as possible so they can determine the best fit in terms of speakers who will best meet your needs and expectations.  Online video clips can be viewed and they are useful for meeting planners to get an idea of a speaker’s energy, how they address their topic and to see audience response. Ultimately your bureau partner will provide you with a proposal that includes up to 10 speakers that fit your request.  From that list, three or four potential speakers can be chosen and evaluated before making a final choice.

Once you have made the final keynote or general session speaker selection(s), your bureau partner or talent agent will take care of all of the details involved in the booking process.  Working with a bureau in this way saves you time and energy and is completely free of charge.

Motivational Keynote Speakers for Business Events

Speakers’ Bureaus deal with all types of speakers. While business experts may seem like the only option for a business event, a motivational keynote speaker or inspirational; keynote speaker can be very beneficial as well.

These speakers can still be experts on specific business topics and motivate consumers, investors, or employees to strive for a certain goal. Many companies choose to use a motivational speaker because they can make even the most uninviting topic be more appealing to the audience. If you are discussing sales figures, product specifications, or other topics that may not be eye catching but important, a motivating speaker can liven up the presentation and keep people interested. This can be very beneficial when you are trying to get the audience to invest, purchase, or perform some other action.

Bureaus can be very helpful when you need to find the best business keynote speakers for an important event. They can save you a lot of time, effort and energy and all at no additional cost. Other types of speakers, such as a motivational speaker, marketing keynote speaker or sales keynote speaker are also available through a speakers’ bureau or talent agency.
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