Glossary of Meeting Planner Jargon

AD Hoc Committee
Committee formed to deal with a specific issue and dissolved upon making its final report.

Advance Registration
Registration for meeting activity made prior to opening day.

Subjects to be discussed at a meeting.

Air wall
Movable wall or barrier dividing a large meeting room into two or more smaller rooms. These walls are not usually soundproof.

All-space hold
Function and meeting space held at a hotel for the exclusive use of a group.

Ambient light
The natural or existing light.

Attrition, or attrition schedule
Usually applied to hotels. This means that if you’ve signed, say, a contract stating that you’ll guarantee to reserve 50 percent of the rooms you’ve requested, and they’re still unsold, they’ll release 25 percent of those rooms and try to sell them. If they sell them, you’re not liable. If they are not sold, you are liable.

Usually a non-profit organization of people with a common goal or purpose.

Association Planner
Meeting planner who works for an association.

Individual, such as a guest, at the conference site but not necessarily involved with the meeting sessions.

Authorized Signature
Signature of person(s) with authority: (1) To charge to facility master account. (2) To guarantee payment, and (3) to contract for space, services, and supplies.

Identifying tag worn by meeting participants sometimes called a name tag.

Banquet Order
A document that lists food for all meals for the whole meeting or event. Banquet orders usually contain other information for events, such as lists of AV equipment

Absence of obstacles preventing handicapped persons from moving freely to all public areas within a building.

Bill of Lading
Document or form listing goods to be shipped.

Group sessions in which all participants contribute creative ideas.

Break-Out Sessions
Small group sessions, within the meeting, formed to discuss specific subjects.

Flags used collectively, or swaged strips of cloth hung as festive decorations from walls or tables.

Cancellation Clause
(1) Provision in a contract which outlines penalties if cancellation occurs, for both parties for failure to comply with terms of the agreement.
(2) (Entertainment) Provision with artist’s contract which allows artist to cancel within a specified period of time prior to play date.

Maximum number of people allowed in any given area.

Clear space between passing object and sides or roof of a passageway.

Workshop-type educational experience.

(1) Certified Meeting Professional.
(2) Complete Meeting Package.

Individuals who help develop presentation skills.

Cold Call
Sales call made without an appointment.

Informal participatory discussion on group-selected topics.

Abbreviation for complimentary.

Complimentary (Comp)
Service, space or item given at no charge.

Complimentary Registration
Waiver of registration fees.

Computerized Registration
Automated registration records.

Gathering of a group with shared or special interests.

Concurrent Sessions
Sessions scheduled at the same time.

Participatory meeting designed for discussion, fact-finding, problem solving, and consultation.

(1) Meeting of an association of delegates or representatives from constituent organizations. (2)European term for convention.

Legal document defining responsibilities for all parties concerned.

Assemblage of delegates, representatives, and members of an organization convened for a common purpose.

Convention Bureau
Service organization that provides destination promotion and may offer personnel, housing control, and other services for meetings and conventions.

Convention Center
Facility for meetings and expositions without sleeping rooms.

Corporate Planner
Meeting planner who works for a corporation.

Customs Broker
Person or company which provides customs-clearing services to shippers of goods to and from another country.

Voting representative at a meeting.

Destination Manager
Local on-site coordinator.

Discussion of ideas and opinions.

Discussion Leader
Person who introduces topic of discussion and controls the discussion in the group.

Tour guide at a museum or art gallery.

Low, flat, usually two feet square platform on four wheels used for carrying heavy loads.

Dress Code
Suggested acceptable dress.

Dry Run
Rehearsal or trial run-through of program.

Three- or four-legged stand with a rack used to hold cork board, magnetic board, posters, signs, charts, etc.

Preliminary calculation of the cost of work to be undertaken. (1) Critiquing and rating the overall success of a meeting. (2) Developing a meeting profile from accurate meeting statistics.

Critiquing and rating the overall success of a meeting. (2) Developing a meeting profile from accurate meeting statistics.

Event Order
See Function Sheet.

Expert who guides discussion and/or decision making in small groups.

Fam Trip (Familiarization Trip)
Hosted trip to assess facilities, locations, or services.

Audiovisual term to describe the return flow of noise into a room from amplifying equipment

Worker(s) used by foreman to help out assigned labor for short periods of time.

Individual charge accounts, either for guests or within one master account.

Force majeure
Standard contract clause exempting either party from liability for non-fulfillment of services owing to acts of God or conditions beyond either party’s control.

Open discussion with audience, panel, and moderator.

Function Board
Announcements on facility board or video screen listing the day’s events. Also known as directory or reader boards.

Function Sheet
Detailed instructions for a particular event, also known as banquet order, event order, or resume sheet.

Function Space
Space in facility where private functions or events can be held.

Gift for service rendered.

Hand Truck
Small hand-propelled implement with two wheels and two handles used for transporting small loads.

Hotel Facility, as the center of operations where registration, general sessions, and conference staff office is located.

Hidden Charge
Unbudgeted expense.

Hold Harmless
Clause in contract ensuring that a group or company will not be responsible in the event of a claim.

Voluntary payment made for services where no fee is legally required.

Housekeeping Announcements
Announcements about schedule changes, locations of functions, and similar program information.

Housing Bureau
Reservation office, within convention bureau, which coordinates housing for groups.

In honor of.

Reward offered to stimulate greater effort.

Incentive Meeting
Reward meeting, usually of high quality, in payment for achieving goals.

On a hotel bill, items like laundry, mini-bars, room service and in-room movies. These are usually paid by the individual. The hotel will require a credit-card imprint to protect themselves against escalating incidentals.

In-depth instructional meeting providing intensive education on a particular subject.

See simultaneous Interpretation.

Keynote Speaker
Main stage speaker who sets the tone or theme of a meeting.

Informative and instructional speech.

Letter of Agreement
Document outlining proposed services, space, or products which becomes binding upon written approval by both parties.

Legal responsibility to make good a loss or claim.

Lockable storage area.

Symbol identifying an organization or event.

M.C. (Emcee)
See Master of Ceremonies.

Master of Ceremonies
Person who presides over the program.

Person who presides over panel discussions and forums.

Off-Site Event
Activity scheduled away from facility.

On-Site Registration
Process of signing up for an event on the day of, or at the site of, the event.

Outside Line
Telephone line from in-house to the outside obtained through the in-house operator.

Attendees booked into facilities after headquarters facilities are full.

Discussion with a moderator and two or more participants.

Person actively involved in a meeting.

PBX Operator
Switchboard operator.

Professional Conference Organizer.

See Perquisite.

Payment, benefit, or privilege received in addition to regular income or salary.

Acronym for Program Evaluation and Review Techniques.

Pert Chart
Organizational flow chart defining responsibilities, due dates and other information.

Plenary Sessions
General assembly open to all participants.

Post Conference Registration
Registration for an activity or function which follows a meeting.

Post Conference Reservation
Guest room space following a conference.

Poster Session
Display of reports and papers, usually scientific, accompanied by authors or researchers.

Pre-assigned Seating
Predetermined seat assignments.

Reservation which has been made in advance with the necessary paperwork.

(1) Necessary paperwork for event completed prior to arrival. (2) (Facility) Pre-assigned guest rooms available for occupancy.

Person explaining a given topic in an informational session.

Press Room
Space reserved for media representatives.

Group of individuals moving in an orderly, often ceremonial manner.

Program Book
Printed schedule of meeting events, location of function rooms, and other pertinent information.

Program Design
Structure of meeting program elements to achieve specific goals and objectives.

Publicizing an event.

Lodging establishment such as a hotel, motel, inn, resort, conference center, or meeting facility.

Plan put forth for consideration or acceptance.

Customers and regulations dealing with diplomatic formality, precedence, and etiquette.

Q & A
Question and Answer period.

Rack rates
A hotel’s published room rates, always higher than group rates.

Gathering to promote enthusiasm and excitement.

Monitor who evaluates conference sessions.

Rap Sessions
Informal sessions with no specific agenda.

Receiving Line
Dignitaries, host, sponsor, and guest of honor lined up to greet guests.

Withdrawing procession.

Reg Area
Registration area.

Individual who has submitted a registration form and attends an event.

Individual responsible for handling registrations.

Process by which an individual indicates his intent to attend a conference or stay at a property.

Registration Kit
Packet of meeting materials such as program book, tickets, maps, etc.

Practicing a presentation.

Resume Sheet
See Function Sheet.

Rooming list
A blocked-off list of rooms held by a hotel for a meeting or event.

Room Setup
Layout of tables, chairs, other furniture, and equipment for functions.

Round Robin
Contest or tournament in which each participant is matched with every other participant.

Banquet managers often refer to tables as “rounds,” so if you hear the phrase, “three rounds of eight” it means three round tables seating eight people each.

Sales Blitz
Intense selling effort in a particular locality.

Sales Meeting
Meeting to introduce new products and their applications or to motivate sales staff.

Written text of program presentations.

Security, Facility
Facility personnel responsible for maintaining safety on the premises.

Security, Private
Security personnel hired from a privately operated company.

Lecture and dialogue allowing participants to share experiences in a particular field under the guidance of an expert discussion leader.

(1) Way in which a function room is arranged. (2) Mixers, fruit, and glassware accompanying a liquor order.

All informational and directional signs required for an event.

Simultaneous Interpretation
Process of translating one language into another while the speaker is speaking.

Site Inspection
Personal, careful investigation of a property, facility, or area.

Material or decorative covering around risers or staging, used to hide the support structure. In audiovisual terms, material hung around or at the bottom of screens to hide screen supports and to create a movie-house effect for rear-screen projection

Sound mixing
Audiovisual phrase referring to the process of combining separately recorded material onto a master tape.

Speaker Types
keynote, general session and seminar leader who are topic specialists; trainers and workshop leaders who allow for group participation and interaction; and change of pace speakers such as humorists and entertainers.

Speakers’ Lounge
Area set aside for speakers to meet, relax, or prepare prior to or between speeches.

Speaker rehearsal room
Room furnished with video equipment, viewers, projectors and slide trays for use by speakers as they rehearse their presentations, load slide trays and prepare slides.

Spouse tour/programs
Educational or special events developed for the spouses of meeting attendees.

Producing an event, or, a platform.

Special Event
Unique activity.

Complete description of meeting requirements.

Spouse Programs
Educational and/or social events planned for spouses and guests of meeting participants.

Squirrel Cage
Drum used for raffle tickets.

Group of speakers or entertainers usually under agreement with a particular bureau or agency.

(1) Design and placement of elements for events. (2) Implementation of an event.

Staging Guide
Compilation of all function sheets, scripts, instructions, room set-up diagrams, directory of key personnel, forms, and other material relating to the event.

Standing Committee
Committee, defined by organizational bylaws, which meets for a specific purpose.

Newest technology available.

In exhibit terminology, it means the dismantling of exhibits, including audiovisual equipment. (“To strike a room.”) It can also mean a labor walkout.

Facility, company, agency, or person offering space, goods and services for meetings.

Charge over and above established rates.

Event at which experts discuss a particular subject and opinions are gathered.

Promotional piece designed to build interest in an event.

Type of meeting which brings together three or more people in two or more locations through telecommunications.

See Gratuity.

Trade Show
Exhibit of products and services that is not open to the public.

Traffic Flow
Movement of people through an area.

Instructor of techniques and skills on a specific subject.

Training Meeting
Structured learning session in which instructor presents specific information and techniques.

Written copy of spoken material.

(1) Process of moving equipment and/or people from one point to another. (2) Transportation between terminals and hotels.

Translation Service
Translating written material from one language to another.

Trouble Shoot
Process of finding out why plans or equipment are not working properly.

Utility Box
Box in floor, wall, or column which houses electric outlets and other utility sources.

One who sells services or is a supplier.

(1) Meeting site or destination. (2) (Entertainment) Location of performance such as hall, ballroom, auditorium, etc.

Hotel term referring to the displacement of guests. It means that guests with confirmed reservations are either turned away or “walked” to another hotel because of over-booking or because expected guest departures did not occur as planned.

Wireless radio that transmits and receives oral communication.

(1) Review of meeting details. (2) Site inspection. (3) Inspection of function room prior to function. (4) Inspection of trade show floor prior to opening.

Walk-Up Call
Asking the celebrity or speaker to come up on stage from the audience to make a presentation.

Training session in which participants, often through exercises, develop skills and knowledge in a given field.

(1) To conclude a meeting. (2) To prepare the final report on a meeting.

Facility Glossary
Account Sheet
See Tally Sheet.

Adjoining Rooms
Rooms with common walls which do not have connecting doors.

All Space Hold
All function space at a facility is reserved for one client.

Complimentary items in sleeping rooms such as shower caps, shampoo, and shoe shine mitt provided by facility for guests.

American Plan (AP)
Room rate includes three meals.

Arrival Pattern
Anticipated dates and times of arrival of group members.

Arrival Time
Time or approximate time guests plan to arrive at a facility.

(1) Number of rooms reserved for one group. (2) To assign space.

To sell room space.

Time required to dismantle a function area.

Room adjacent to pool area, with or without sleeping facilities.

Cash Registration
Full payment for anticipated room and tax charges at registration: credit for incidentals not extended.

Cash Reservation
Payment with reservation for full or part of stay.

Chain Lock
Device which connects a chain to a closed and ajar door or doorjamb.

Change Order
Facility form to advise departments of changes in reservations or functions.

Procedure for guest arrival and registration.

Procedure for guest departure including account statement.

Check-Out Time
Time set by facility when guests are required to vacate rooms.

See Full House.

Commercial Rate
See Corporate Rate.

Agreement between buyer and facility to reserve function and guest room space.

Comp Rooms
Complimentary room(s) which a facility provides without charge based on the number of rooms picked-up and occupied by a group.

Computer Card
(Registration) See Registration Card Key.

(1) Facility staff which provides special services such as tickets to local events, transportation, and tour arrangements. (2) Designated area in facility providing special amenities and services to guests.

Written acknowledgment of a reservation request.

Confirmed Reservation
Oral or written agreement by a facility to accept a request for an accommodation; to be binding the agreement must state the intent of the parties, the particular date, the rate, type of accommodations, and the number to accommodated; oral agreement may require guest credit card number.

Connecting Rooms
Two or more rooms with private connecting doors permitting access between rooms.

Continental Plan
Room rate includes continental breakfast.

Convention Service Manager
Facility manager who is responsible for all details of an event.

Corporate Rate
Special room rate, lower than rack rate, for corporations that have made prior arrangements with the facility.

Cut-Off Date
Designated day when the facility will release a block of sleeping rooms to the general public.

Cut-Off Time
Hour when a non-guaranteed reservation must be filled or it may be cancelled.

Definite Booking
Space reservations confirmed in writing.

Departure Date
Date when majority of meeting participants check-out of a facility.

Partial payment to secure product or service.

Direct Billing
Accounts receivable mailed: individuals or firms with established credit.

Director of sales.

Double Bed
Bed measuring 53 in. x 75 in.

Double Booking
Reserving space for two groups for the same dates when only one group can be accommodated.

Double-Double Room
Room with two double-size beds suitable for two to four persons.

Double Lock
Two locks, one dead bolt on door for extra security.

Double Room
Room with one large bed for two persons.

Early Arrival
(1) Guest arrival before confirmed reservation date and/or time. (2) Arrival prior to arrival of the majority of the group.

Guest room with kitchen facilities.

Key used to prevent a guest from entering his room.

Facility department charged with keeping the building in working condition.

See Pay Own.

European Plan (EP)
Room rate does not include meals.

Flat Rate
See Run-Of-The House Rate.

Form on which all charge transactions incurred by a registered guest are recorded.

To predict a hotel’s occupancy situation on any given day or dates.

Foyer Public
Area in hotel or hall for assembly or registration.

Full American Plan (FAP)
See American Plan.

Full House
All rooms occupied or committed.

Function Book
Diary used to control the assignment of meeting space within a facility.

Group Booking
Reservation for a block of rooms specifically for a group.

Guaranteed Late Arrival
Guest room that is guaranteed by credit card or advance payment if arrival is later than six p.m.

Guaranteed Reservations
Pre-paid reservation held until agreed arrival time, or check-out time the next day, whichever occurs first. Guest is responsible for payment if reservation is not cancelled.

House Account
Term for internal accounting by the facility to cover incidental expenses not chargeable to the meeting or another hotel account.

House Count
Number of sleeping rooms actually occupied during a particular night.

House Keeping
Facility department charged with maintaining guest rooms.

House Plan
Diagram depicting the function space in a facility or the entire facility.

Expenses other than room and tax, billed to a guest’s account.

King Room
Room with king-sized bed suitable for one or two persons.

King-Sized Bed
Large bed usually measuring 76 in. x 80 in. Long, king-size bed measures 76 in. x 84 in.

Room with a patio or balcony overlooking a garden or water.

Public area which serves as an entrance or waiting area.

Refusal by a facility to allow guests access to their guest rooms.

Master Account
Form on which authorized charges incurred in a facility by a group are recorded.

Master Bill – RTI
Room, tax, and incidentals billed to master account.

Master Key
One key that will open function and guest rooms.

Manager on duty.

Modified American Plan (MAP)
Room rate includes breakfast and dinner.

Murphy Bed
Retractable bed built into the wall.

Reservation not used or cancelled.

Facility occupancy is at its lowest level.

One For Fifty or 1/50
Facility complimentary room policy: one complimentary room night for every fifty room nights picked-up.

Rooms are available for sale or occupancy.

Restaurants and lounges within a facility.

Out of Order (000)
Room under renovation or requiring maintenance.

Over Booking
Accepting reservations for more guest rooms than are available; usually due to anticipated no-shows.

See Stay Over.

Removable lock with a shackle that can be passed through a staple, ring, or link and then closed securely.

Paid in Advance
Registration (See Cash Registration)

Paid Out
In-house facility form authorizing cash withdrawal to be charged to master account or individual guest.

Pay Own
Each guest pays own guest charges.

Penthouse Suite
Guest rooms and suites located on top floors of facility.

Number of facility guest rooms actually used out of a room block.

Pre-Convention Briefing
Meeting with planner and facility department heads to review purpose and details of event.

Period of time before a property’s soft opening.

List Computer-generated list of names pre-registered with a group.

See Pre-Registration List.

Public Space
Space in a facility that is available for public use.

Quadruple (Quad)
Room with two or more beds for four persons.

Queen Room
Room with one queen-size bed suitable for one or two persons.

Queen-Size Bed
Large bed usually measuring 60 in. x 80 in.

Rack Rate
Facility’s standard, pre-established guest room rates.

Registration Card
Signature form used by facility when registering a guest.

Room Card
Key Plastic card used in place of room key.

Process by which an individual or group secures space at a facility.

Reservation Center
Telephone reservation sales office.

Portable bed that can be provided for extra persons.

Room Block
See Block.

Room Nights
Number of rooms blocked or occupied multiplied by number of nights each room is reserved or occupied.

Room Service
Facility department which provides food and beverage service to guest rooms.

Rooming List
List of facility guests and room data supplied to facility prior to arrival.

Room, tax, and incidentals.

Run-of-the-House Rate
One rate for facility guest room block. Does not include suites.

Sample Room
Room with or without sleeping facilities, for displaying merchandise.

Period of time when facility occupancy is at its highest level.

Act to make safe against adverse contingencies.

Intermediate time, in the hospitality industry, between peak and low seasons.

Single Bed
See Twin Bed.

Single Room
Guest room occupied by one person.

Departing guest who fails to pay for accommodations.

Soft Opening
Time when a property is open for business prior to the grand opening.

Area in a facility where a group’s private function may be held.

Presence of an overhead fire extinguishing system.

Sprinkler System
Internal watering fire protection system.

Stay Over
Guest who stays at facility beyond stated departure date.

Room with couches that convert to beds.

Parlor with one or more guest rooms.

Tally Sheet
Form used to keep track of number of rooms sold and/or still available.

Tentative Hold
Spare temporarily held by a facility pending a define booking.

Three Sheet
See Triple Sheet.

Triple Sheet
Bed made with a third sheet on top of the blanket.

Turn-Down Service
Early evening service in which beds are prepared for sleeping.

Twin Bed
Bed measuring 38 in. x 75 in.

Twin Double Room
Room occupied by two people.

Twin Room
Room with two twin beds suitable for two persons.

See Twin Room.

Under Depart
See Stay Over.

Under Stay
See Unexpected Departure.

Unexpected Departure
Guest who leaves facility before the stated departure date.

Guest holding confirmed reservation sent to another facility because of over booking.

Guest requesting accommodation without a reservation.


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