Go for Maximum Impact – Hire a Professional Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker Motivating a Business Conference

Selecting the right speaker for your event should be high on your list of priorities. A dynamic opening keynote speaker can set the tone for your entire event. It has been our experience that clients who put time, thought and effort into determining which speaker will be the best fit for their group in terms of delivery style, content and the amount of customization a speaker offers, are the clients whose events hit a home run every time.

Once you determine what your specific requirements are, taking into account:

  1. Who your audience will be
  2. The theme and/or purpose of your meeting, corporate conference or event
  3. What topic you want the speaker to address

You want to choose a keynote speaker who will be the most effective and therefore the most successful for your group and who, in the process, will make you look good!

Here’s what to look for in a speaker:

  • Content that is relevant to your audience
  • Context that is appropriate to your industry. Ask the keynote speaker to customize or tailor their presentation to your group and/or industry
  • A delivery style and technique that will keep your audience energized and involved.

Many professional keynote speakers are continually improving and perfecting their craft. The techniques they employ include, hiring a speech coach, doing on-going research in their area(s) of expertise and staying abreast of current trends.

We recently booked a speaker for an event and the feedback we got back from the client was that the speaker kept the audience in the palm of his hand for the entire length of his 90-minute presentation.  This was a dinner engagement. Engaging an audience during the dinner-hour is not easy. Even professional speakers will shy away from this particular time slot because attendees are often restless and distracted.

There are a number of reasons for hiring professional keynote speakers.  Here are some of them:

  1. A professional who earns his or her living from speaking, training and consulting brings a wide experience of knowledge that will make your sessions a success.
  2. Professional speakers and trainers can supply references from previous clients.
  3. Professionals have support materials that let you know what subjects they speak on and the different types of programs they deliver.
  4. Professionals will custom craft their presentation to meet the needs of your group.
  5. Professionals have credentials that indicate their commitment to their profession.
  6. Professionals can provide media clips (audio and video) that make it easier for you to judge whether they are a good fit for your program.
  7. Professionals know how to set up a meeting room for maximum impact.
  8. Professionals stay within the time guidelines you require and they can help you get back on schedule if the speakers before them have gone over their allotted time.
  9. Because they are experienced, professional keynote speakers can read an audience and adjust their material or style as required.

If you are going to hire a speaker, be confident in making the right choice, go for maximum impact and hire a professional.
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