How to Choose Dynamic Keynote or General Session Speakers

When you need to find the perfect keynote speaker for your next event, conducting online research can take you a long way. With many thousands of speakers indexed on a wide variety of topics, an internet connection gives you access to a vast pool of candidates from which you can find an awesome keynote speaker. And that would be a professional speaker who will contribute to the success of your event and have your audience members talking well beyond the closing general session.

Even though with just a few clicks, you have easy access to thousands of prospective speakers, a number of factors come into play when shifting through potential candidates and making your final choice.

A dynamic keynote presentation undoubtedly plays an important part in making your overall event a resounding success. And has the effect of motivating attendees to take interest in all of the event’s agenda activities that follow. A powerful, interesting and even humorous speech will have the audience on the edge of their seats and will go a long way in helping to make your entire program a success.

One of the many advantages of anchoring your meeting or conference with the right keynote speaker, is to generate buzz and thereby drive people to register. Whether you plan events for a major trade association, a Fortune 500 company, a non-profit organization, or an educational institution such as a college or university the speaker choices you make are key to every events’ success. Beyond the actual keynote speech, you can get additional value from your investment by asking the speaker to emcee your fundraiser, advance the theme of your conference, promote on their social media, or moderate a panel discussion.

When the keynote or general session speakers you choose are dynamic and energizing, they can set the tone for the entire meeting. No-one wants their event to fall flat. So how do you find the right keynoter who will generate buzz and help you make your next event the best ever? That’s where the “information super-highway” is lacking and why many meeting planners turn to speakers’ bureaus for free expert advice in matching the right speaker with their unique event needs and objectives.

When you search for a keynote speaker on your own, your decision-making process should include reviewing a full biography of each prospect, watching demo videos, scheduling conversations with the top candidates, and even speaking with individuals who have hired these speakers in the past. When you work with a trusted speakers bureau, though, your program consultant will have already done this initial homework on their roster of speakers, so you no longer have to worry about whether a potential keynoter is credible or not. Then it just becomes a matter of determining which speaker’s unique style and background will allow him or her to be a good fit.

No matter what path you take to find keynote speakers — whether you conduct your own research or enlist the expert help of an experienced talent agent — you’ll find an amazing keynote speaker who can deliver a dynamic, polished, motivational speech will go a long way toward ensuring your overall program will succeed.
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