How to Choose the Best Conference Keynote Speakers

At any conference, meeting or event, the main-stage keynote speaker is often the center of everyone’s attention. Ideally, all keynote speakers for conferences should be motivating or inspiring, have entertainment value, and be a recognized expert on their specific topic.  If they cannot keep the audience’s interest, any point they are trying to make will be missed or lost along the way.

When hiring keynote speakers for an event, you need to be very selective and choose someone that can appropriately represent your organization. They should be an effective communicator and be able to adapt their speech to fit the main event theme and audience.

Before contacting a business keynote speaker, do a little brainstorming within your company to determine what the message is and how you want it conveyed. Make a list of what you want the speaker to accomplish and determine what the budget is for the keynote speaker. Use this information to find a keynote speaker who meets your requirements.

Ask colleagues who they have had in the past and what conference keynote speakers have been most effective for them. The internet can be another great tool for finding possible keynote speakers. You can find out about their professional background, experience, and read their reviews or client testimonials.

Be careful when finding a good keynote speaker. Some speakers are really effective marketers and find ways to get their names out there. They may have high online visibility but may not be able to deliver the type of presentation you are seeking.  A motivational-type speaker with no substance may not be who you are looking for.

Once you have found two or three speakers who appear to fit the profile, be prepared with your list of questions and set-up a time for a phone interview or a conference call. During the call you can ask questions about their background, speaking style and how they deliver their topic, thereby enabling you to make the most informed decision. After choosing a speaker and booking them for the event, you will want to provide them with information about the company, the purpose of the event, and the audience. The speaker will be able to use the information provided to prepare their speech.

The audience determines how a speech should be worded and the style in which it should be delivered. Keynote speakers for education will be quite different than an executive keynote speaker. The more information you provide about your expectations, the event theme, who will be in attendance and how many attendees you expect, the more organized and better suited a particular speakers speech will be. Finding the right speaker can take a lot of time and effort. Don’t expect to find the appropriate speaker immediately. This will only happen if someone you used before was effective, is available, and fits the topic.

Keynote speakers can make your event a huge success or ruin it in a matter of minutes. This is why taking your time and choosing the best celebrity keynote speaker is very important. Be sure to look at previous speeches they have given and reviews on those speeches. Take a look at their strong areas when it comes to topics and audience types. Also check out their average fees and what is included in them. This information will help you determine who is available for the best price and according to your budget. Being prepared and aligning all of the relevant details will ensure your event is a success and well worth the time spent planning.


When you need a keynote speaker, it is best to search for a business speaker that is knowledgeable on your topic. Find someone within your budget range that has a history of providing great speeches or simply contact Keynote Resource Agency and let their experience work for you.
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