Keynote Speakers Bureau – Finding an Experienced Talent Agent

Keynote speaker addressing a large crowd.

There are many advantages to working with an experienced talent agent.  First and foremost, working with a good agent can save you a ton of time and legwork.  Most experienced agents already have a cache of the best conference keynote speakers they know and work with.  They are familiar with these speakers expertise and how relevant their topics would be to your audience.

An experienced talent agent would have done their homework well and viewed keynote speakers and business speakers’ videos and have a good idea of each speakers’ presentation style and how they address their topic(s). When you partner with an experienced agent they can negotiate on your behalf and simplify the booking process.

Furthermore, a good agent is one who:

  • will be available to answer your questions and provide honest, unbiased answers.
  • can give you good solid advice to streamline your planning process.
  • will always act with your best interests in mind and make you look like a hero, every time.
  • will be able to offer valuable insight and fresh ideas that contribute to the success of your event.
  • always follows through, responds to messages or emails in a timely manner and is an effective communicator.
  • will contact you after your meeting or corporate event to make sure that everything went as planned.

Develop a relationship with an experienced talent agent you feel comfortable with and enjoy working with, and make them part of your event planning team.

They will be a valuable addition to your team and help to make the process of selecting and booking professional keynote speakers for your next event smooth and trouble free.
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