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There are many factors that come into play when determining what a keynote speaker is worth, in terms of their speaking fees. Here are some key areas to focus on to help make this determination:

  • Who is the speaker – do they have name recognition?
    a. Are they a known expert in a certain topic area?
    b. Do they have name recognition in a certain field or industry?
    c. Do they have public name recognition or corporate name recognition?
  • How unique are they in terms of what they speak about?
    Are they considered to be the foremost expert on a topic or in a certain field?
  • How much in demand are they? Are they one of the top 10 keynote speakers?
  • What kind of events they have spoken at before?
    What size audiences have they spoken for and in what kind of venues?
  • Are they being asked for by name?
  • Evaluations from past speaking engagements  – how are the evaluations from attendees coming back?
  • Client testimonials – are clients sending testimonials following speaking engagements and is the speaker getting repeat bookings?
  • Topics – are the speakers topics more general in nature?
    a. Are the speakers program topics more specific and well framed?
    b. Is the speaker using the platform as a marketing opportunity (to market themselves and their products)?
    c. Are they using the platform to deliver a keynote address that is thought provoking and provides excellent take away value?
  • Credentials can play a big part in what fees speakers can command.
  • The length of time involved – how long will they be required to be on the platform? Will they be asked to attend any other functions (dinners, meet and greet, book signing, autograph signing).
  • Location – where is your corporate conference or meeting being held and how far does the speaker have to travel to get there?
  • Does the speaker have a book on the New York Times Best Seller list?
    a. Has the speaker had much media coverage?
    b. Have any articles been written about the speaker?
    c. Have they been interviewed for online or print publications?
    d. Have they been quoted as the authority on a certain topic?

There is no simple answer to what fee a keynote business speaker can command or how that fee is determined.  In general terms, the higher profile a speaker has and the more in demand they become, the higher their respective speaking fees will be.

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