The Most Effective way to Contact a Celebrity Keynote Speaker

You have established a non-profit or charity; you are planning a fund-raiser; you want to support a cause you believe in. As part of the event you decide to host a banquet with a silent auction or stage a fashion show. Your plan is to invite an entertainment celebrity or sports icon for a meet and greet or to give a keynote address at your event.

You know that having a celebrity keynote speaker or sports figure make an appearance will help to raise public interest, improve your chances of media coverage and thereby increase attendance. The question is – how do you go about locating and inviting the celebrity speaker of your choice?

Many celebrities already have causes they believe in, non-profits they support and charities they donate to. They also have personal managers, PR companies and various agents who handle their day-to-day business affairs.

The most effective way to contact a celebrity is though your existing family/friends or business network. If you know someone who knows someone and that person can put in a good word for you. This will substantially increase your changes of connecting with a celebrity.

Name Recognition – Is it necessary?

Don’t get too caught-up in thinking that you need a celebrity or strong name recognition speaker to drive registration. One area that many planners overlook in their planning process is marketing and promoting online. A website with all pertinent information about your event is an excellent marketing tool. Information should be updated on a regular basis and kept current. Make it easy for attendees to register and offer incentives.

Focus your energy and attention on:

  • Planning a great agenda
  • Effective marketing strategies
  • Promoting to your target audience
  • Attracting media attention/coverage

The Random House dictionary definition of the word “celebrity” is “a celebrated person” and that person should be you.

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