Working with Keynote Resource

1. We understand the market

By working closely with our clients we understand their needs and which speakers will best fit their group, event and budget.

2. The Speakers are our Partners

You may hire the same speaker once a year; we book that same speaker many times a year. Engaging a speaker through us ensures they will work hard to please us and do a great job for you.

3. We do the Legwork

You can spend a lot of time sifting through promotional materials and previewing videos. We stay in touch with the changing demands of the market and review kits and demo tapes daily and can provide a perfect match for your needs and objectives. All of the speakers we work with have been pre-qualified for their expertise and ability to deliver a great and memorable presentation.

4. The Steps in Booking a Speaker

1. Complete the on-line Request Form with as much information as possible as this helps to narrow the search.
2. A list of suitable speakers for your event will be created taking into consideration: – topic to be addressed – event location – audience – budget
3. Our list of recommended speakers will be either emailed to you, or, if you prefer, discussed over the phone.
4. As the speakers we represent are profiled on our web site, you will be able to scan biographical information, areas of expertise and program topics of the speakers we recommend and print these pages to share with colleagues or committee members who may be helping with the selection process.
5. When you have a short list of the speakers your group is interested in we can provide comprehensive informational packages, testimonials and videos for viewing.
6. At this stage we will check on the speakers’ availability and provide fees and associated expenses.
7. Once you have made your choice of a speaker we prepare a contract. Our receipt of the signed contract and deposit secures your date and the speaker of your choice.

5. Points Worth Considering

1. It is important to identify what you wish to achieve from having a speaker at your event.
2. The right speaker is not necessarily someone the audience has heard before. It is important to ensure the speaker is right for the occasion and right for the audience.
3. In terms of budget, it is realistic to think in terms of $2,500 plus. The speakers we work with are highly professional and will have a real impact on your business and ensure the success of your event

6. Steps To Finding the Right Speaker

1. Choosing the right speaker for your meeting and audience is a vital part of having a successful event. Here are some tips and ideas to help you in the process
2. What are the needs of your audience? Being fully informed about your audience and what you want to achieve by having the speaker present is essential to your selection process.
3. Establish the date of your meeting, location, time you need a speaker for and your budget.
4. Consider how much time you have to fill and where that time fits into your overall program. If your time is flexible, a professional speaker can often tell you how much time you need for the presentation.
5. Factor in the fee you have allowed for in the budget. Knowing what your budget amount is may narrow your speaker search. Sometimes, finding a speaker who is located in the area where your meeting will be held can save on travel expenses.
6. Identify the type of speaker to best match your audience. A speaker’s expertise in a certain field may be the big draw. Ask yourself whether the audience and the overall program would benefit most from a celebrity, expert, a sports personality, coach, best-selling author or a professional speaker who has a thorough knowledge of your topic?
7. Personal referrals from colleagues, business associates or even an association you belong to can help narrow your search.
8. Review your options and interview your short list of candidates. A professional speaker or Bureau agent can be a great and helpful partner in this process.
9. Ensure that a potential speaker has addressed groups similar to yours. Find a speaker who is willing to customize their presentation to your group.
10. Select a professional speaker who understands that your reputation is riding on their performance. When making your choice of a speaker remember that you are not only paying for their time on the platform but for the hours spent researching, preparing and customizing their presentation for your audience.
11. You will have a Letter of Agreement or Contract that clearly outlines the expectations of both yourself and the speaker. This Agreement will cover the following:

• Travel arrangements and transportation
• Accommodation and meals
• Fees, reimbursements and payment terms
• Whether or not you want the speaker to attend social events
• If the speaker can sell products at the event and how this will be handled
• Audio or videotaping of the presentation
• Presentation requirements
• Legal implications

12. Sharing information about your group or company helps the speaker become familiar with the organization. Send the speaker a newsletter, annual report or other material that would include key people, buzz words or insider news and views on the group. Provide a clear outline of what is expected and be specific about the audience size and demographics. Some speakers will have a pre-program questionnaire for you to fill-out, which will give them a lot of the information they need from you to do a great job.
13. Set the stage. Make sure the conference room you have booked is adequate for all performances that will be given at that location. Make sure the room is set-up for optimum impact including number of placement of chairs, sound, lighting and room temperature.
14. Ask your booking agent to provide an introduction for the speaker.
15. Stay on schedule. Keeping your program on schedule enables the audience to get the full impact of what you have created for them.
16. Evaluate the results. Have your audience complete evaluations on the speaker and his or her presentation. This will help you gauge results and plan for future programs. Send copies of evaluations to the speaker.

7. Events for which you may bring in a speaker, entertainer or moderator

1. Company Meeting
2. Dealer Meeting
3. Employee Meeting
4. Leadership Forum
5. User Conference
6. Awards or Appreciation Banquet
7. Trade Show
8. Corporate Event
9. Executive Retreat
10. Educational Seminar
11. Forum
12. Panel discussion


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